Here at Perryfins I have been working on a fin system that is completely different.

Instead of being restricted by the 9mm width of the finbox slot I took it as a challenge.

From the outset I have designed, created and developed fins with a fatter footprint, the foiling body. My fins overlap the finbox slot and sit flush to the board.

This feature allows them to create higher lift and drive, easier to turn than conventional fins that are restricted to the 9mm format slab.

The leading edge of the fin is much finer, reducing drag.

The foil cross section is completely different than any other fin, its a radical streamlined wing.

The fin comprises two main components, the foiling body and the flexing tail. The flex tail is customisable to your requirements.

Fins can be made as Polyester or Epoxy Composite, Epoxy will give greater power.

Whether it be your weight or ability, I can tailor your choice of fin to you and your board(s) perfectly.

The range of longboard fins covers all types of waves and style of Singlefin Surfcraft.

Check them out, there’s sure to be something that suits your style and decorative pleasure.

No other fin manufacturer is making anything like these, unless they are copying me.

All fins completely and individually handcrafted in Christchurch, New Zealand

Great surfing and froth on.

Steve Perry